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Some examples of recent works carried out by our studios:

Below: Daffodil windows designed for a client in Manchester 2017

Below: Original Victorian stained glass restored and encapsulated into sealed double glazed units.

Artisan Leaded Glass UK....Artisan, Sale manchester M33.....artisan stained glass....artisan manchester.


Below: A large Victorian stained glass window depicting a scene from A Midsummer Night's Dream, fully restored, enlarged with newly hand painted stained glass and built up into its current size by Artisan Stained Glass in Manchester, UK.

Artisan stained glass Manchester UK



Artisan Stained Glass Manchester UK

Above: An entranceway for a period house in Cheshire designed and made by Artisan


painted glass fanlight by artisan

Above: A fanlight made by Artisan for a Cheshire home.

Manchester windows designed and made by artisan

Above: An entranceway for a large house in Salford, UK. Designed and made by Artisan.

Sale Town Hall by Artisan Stained Glass

Above: Two stained glass windows made by Artisan from existing large panels for Trafford council. Currently installed in Sale library and on public view.

Tattoo stained glass by artisan

Above: A bespoke stained glass decorative suncatcher made to a customer's own design. Celebrating 50 years for a ruby wedding.

Artisan designed and made stained glass

Above:: A recent front door designed and made by ARTISAN in Cheshire. An imitation of Artisan's design for this door can be found on another website which we took to be the sincerest form of flattery.


conservatoir stained glass by artisan

Above: A new conservatory enhanced by the stained glass made by ARTISAN for a home in Wilmslow, Cheshire.


above: A Victorian entranceway enhanced by our own design door panels and transom, restoring the doorway to its original glory. Cheshire.

Above: A set of new landing windows made for a Victorian property.


Hall sash Traditional Victorian pair of sash panels designed and made by ARTISAN . The design and colour is our own.

Front Door Traditional front door for the same victorian house. Design and colours as above.

Bathroom Pair of bathroom panels for the above house.

These windows are encapsulated in 4-12-4mm toughened 'k' glass double glazed units.

Latin Mottos can be painted and fired for heraldic panels also The Ryleys School, Alderley Edge. Door panel includes hand painted banner depicting the school motto for the famous private school.



K french doors French doors for a new extention. Design is copyright artisan.

Education, education, educ..Doh! Left: The front door entrance to The Ryley's School, Alderley, Cheshire. Our stained glass was encapsulated into double glazed units.


Front DoorTraditional door window for a house in Hale, Cheshire, made by ARTISAN.

Aqua window Customer's own design, made for a home in France.

More recent Artisan works in modern styles can be viewed by clicking here: Artisan Modernist


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