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Painted and Fired Glass

The process of hand painting glass is seen most commonly in churches and cathedrals, where the figurative details of Saints and various biblical scenes are depicted with a realism enabled only by the hand painting process. At Artisan, we design and make leaded panels that can include hand painted detail for both private and trade clients. The kiln firing method we employ is exactly the same as original craftsmen and women have used for hundreds of years, and is a permanent and traditional way to add fine detail to stained glass windows.

A pair of Galleon design windows we recently made for an Arts & Crafts house in Cheshire

Set ofsix hall panels in the Isle of Man designed and produced for a private client in 2002.

Face of Christ painted for church rstoration. Commercial client.

left - Pair of new panels we designed and fitted for a private client in Southern France.

Domestic front door centre before leading into window.

Stained Glass panel made for a client in Knutsford, Cheshire.


Windows that belong in a home

At Artisan, we take great care to match colours, textures and design to be as authentic as possible to the era in which the building was designed. Eighteen years experience of making and restoring traditional leaded windows means we produce panels that belong in an environment rather than dominate. The skills and techniques employed are exactly the same skills that produced the glass in our cathedrals and churches for hundreds of years. We do not produce any works that involve modern imitation methods (as seen on some modern conservatories) whatsoever.

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